Below you find the list of accepted papers.

  • Delay Analysis of a Multi-Hop Strict Priority Scheduler
    Jeremy Van den Eynde, Chris Blondia
  • Fuzzy-Logic Based IDS for Detecting Jamming Attacks in Wireless Mesh IoT Networks
    Michalis Savva, Iacovos Ioannou, Vasos Vassiliou
  • Techno-Economic Analysis of Providers’ Profit Using Ultra-Density in 5G Networks
    Christos J Bouras, Aikaterini Florou, Anastasia Kollia
  • On the Implementation of Location Obfuscation in Openwifi and Its Performance
    Lorenzo Ghiro, Marco Cominelli, Francesco Gringoli, Renato Lo Cigno
  • Blockage-Peeking Game of Mobile Strategic Nodes in Millimeter Wave Communications
    Leonardo Badia, Andrea Bedin
  • Low-Power IoT Environmental Monitoring and Smart Agriculture for Unconnected Rural Areas
    Alessandro Andreadis, Giovanni Giambene, Riccardo Zambon
  • A Realistic Cyclist Model for SUMO Based on the SimRa Dataset
    Ahmet-Serdar Karakaya, Konstantin Köhler, Julian Heinovski, Falko Dressler, David Bermbach
  • End-To-End Simulation of 5G Networks Assisted by IRS and AF Relays
    Matteo Pagin, Amir Ashtari Gargari, Marco Giordani, Alberto Rech, Federico Moretto, Stefano Tomasin, Jonathan Gambini, Michele Zorzi
  • Graph-Based Gateway Placement for Better Performance in LoRaWAN Deployments
    Frank Loh, Noah Mehling, Stefan Geissler, Tobias Hoßfeld
  • Representing Uncertainty in Deep QoT Models
    Hafsa Maryam, Tania Panayiotou, Georgios Ellinas
  • Deep Learning-Based Indoor Localization Using Adjacent Received Signal Strength and Domain Knowledge
    Guangyi Zhang, Zhanwei Hou, Yonghui Li, Branka Vucetic
  • Physical Layer-Aware RMSCA with Bit Loading in Space-Division Multiplexing Elastic Optical Networks
    Sadananda Behera, Giannis Savva, Konstantinos Manousakis, Georgios Ellinas
  • Joint Speed and Bandwidth Optimized Strategy of UAV-Assisted Data Collection in Post-Disaster Areas
    Yue Fu, Demin Li, Qinghua Tang, Shuang Zhou
  • Cleaning Matters! Preprocessing-Enhanced Anomaly Detection and Classification in Mobile Networks
    Juan Marcos Ramirez, Pablo Rojo, Fernando Díez Muñoz, Vincenzo Mancuso, Antonio Fernández Anta
  • Modeling Value of Information in Remote Sensing from Correlated Sources
    Alberto Zancanaro, Giulia Cisotto, Leonardo Badia
  • Discounted Age of Information for Networks of Constrained Devices
    Leonardo Badia, Andrea Munari
  • LASII: Lightweight Authentication Scheme Using IOTA in IoT Platforms
    Mohammed Ibrahim El-hajj
  • Energy-Efficient Design for RIS-Assisted UAV Communications in Beyond-5G Networks
    Anay Ajit Deshpande, Cristian Jesús Vaca-Rubio, Salman Mohebi, Dariush Salami, Elisabeth de Carvalho, Petar Popovski, Stephan Sigg, Michele Zorzi, Andrea Zanella
  • Distributed and Privacy-Preserving Data Dissemination at the Network Edge via Attribute-Based Searchable Encryption
    Ingrid Huso, Giuseppe Piro, Gennaro Boggia
  • Reinforcement Learning for Resource Planning in Drone-Based Softwarized Networks
    Laura Galluccio, Christian Grasso, Guido Maier, Raoul Raftopoulos, Marco Savi, Giovanni Schembra, Sebastian Troia
  • Transaction Confirmation in Proof-Of-Work Blockchains: Auctions, Delays and Droppings
    Andrea Marin, Ivan Malakhov, Simonetta Balsamo, Isi Mitrani
  • An Open Framework to Model Diffraction by Dynamic Blockers in Millimeter Wave Simulations
    Paolo Testolina, Mattia Lecci, Alessandro Traspadini, Michele Zorzi
  • System for Operational Technology Attack Detection in Industrial IoT
    Christia Charilaou, Christiana Ioannou, Vasos Vassiliou
  • Control over Blockchain for Data-Driven Fault Tolerant Control in Industry 4.0
    Abdullah Bin Masood, Ammar Hasan, Vasos Vassiliou, Marios Lestas
  • BLENDER – Bluetooth Low Energy Discovery and Fingerprinting in IoT
    Massimo Perri, Francesca Cuomo, Pierluigi Locatelli